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CJSC "Humo" works with Microworld on-line program.

Closed JSC "Humo" is the first microfinance institution in Tajikistan, with which the program Microworld works. All branches of the organization are working with the Microworld program. The work is carried out by a Microworld project correspondent in Tajikistan. The Program finances loan applications for all products except consumer credit. The Report on funded applications is produced online by the Microworld project correspondent.

Cooperation with KIVA program

KIVA is an open platform where lenders from around the world come together to help borrowers and create opportunities for them, as well as to contribute to KIVA mission to reduce poverty. Humo is working with the program KIVA for over five years. In 2011, at a conference on microfinance the company was awarded a KIVA diploma for providing quality services and good client feedback, as well as for the company’s assistance to residents of Tajikistan to manage and grow their business.

Under the KIVA project, Closed JSC "Humo" provides Start-business loans.

This is one of the areas in the project activities. The project is designed for anyone who wants to start their own business. The candidates are provided training (optional) on starting own business and producing a business plan. The loan is disbursed for up to 2 years with a grace period of up to 4 months for all activities. Movable and immovable property can serve as collateral. In addition to start- business loans, the KIVA program also funds other credit products. For funding loan applications, the application forms are made available if certain standards and characteristics are met. The Project work in Humo is supported by the correspondents, who monitor the compliance of submitted applications with the KIVA requirements.

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Meeting the client’s expectations. We understand the customers’ current needs and offer the best solutions to facilitate the development and growth of their businesses. High quality services, maximum responsibility, honesty and financial openness are an absolute imperative for our organization;   Social responsibility. We are aware of our responsibility in respect of the Organization's activities carried out in a socially and financially robust basis. We strive to actively participate in the development of the microfinance sector in the country in order to improve the social environment of the regions of Tajikistan;   Openness and and transparency. MDO "Humo" is an open company, being always interested in a respectful dialogue with customers, partners, media representatives and constructive interaction with public authorities;
Efficiency and effectiveness. The company has a system of incentives, both material and immaterial. This system has proven its effectiveness and as a result the employees were able to demonstrate maximum fulfilment of their potential;   Corporate culture. We strive to motivate employees in the success of the Organization and to do everything to ensure that our team is actively involved in the development of MDO "Humo ", inviting to our team talented people. We encourage and support employees in their quest for professional development, and helping them to multiply and improve their knowledge, experience and skill. We create an atmosphere of confidence enabling our employees to safely express and support the Organization’s innovative solutions. We build business relationships based on honesty and resources that make the clients trust us, which are a valuable advantage in the eyes of customers;   Team spirit. We seek to create an atmosphere of the team unity. To do this, we hold corporate and sporting events, cultural tours and make it possible for  the branches to share the best practices.

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